Hey, it’s only been a year…

..but I’ve still been working on hobby projects. I’ve spent most of my hobby/game time painting and playing Malifaux as well as running tournaments. It’s still my game of choice and here are the Malifaux models I’ve painted over the past year.

One of the new games I’ve been acquiring more models for is Warlord Game’s Beyond the Gates of Antares. This a large-scale 28mm sci-fi game created by industry veteran Rick Priestley, one of the original people involved in Warhammer 40k. The game has some great fluff and very solid mechanics. I’ve only played it a handful of times due to not being able to play with the local group who meet on weekends. Here are some of the models I’ve painted for the two armies I’ve collected.

A friend of mine Kickstarted Ninja All Stars by Ninja Division and got a large amount of chibi miniatures to paint. I helped him paint one of the four clans shown below.


Lastly, I’ve worked on a LOT of terrain over the past year. The majority was aimed at Malifaux to use for tournaments but can obviously be used in any 28mm game. I also created a table to match one of my Beyond the Gates of Antares armies. Here are just some of the tables and terrain I’ve made/purchased over the past year.

That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully be more diligent about updating this blog in the future.

If you have any questions of comments, please don’t hesitate.


Deadzone – Enforcers

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought the starter box for Mantic’s Deadzone game. I have already painted the Plague models, which I got from a friend who introduced me to the game, so it was time to do the Enforcers. I stuck with a similar color scheme as shown in their rule book/box art/etc. I primed them black and then did a dry brush of Warpaints Unifrom Grey and then Warpaints Ash Grey. I painted the metallics, Warpaints Gun Metal and Valejo Brassy Brass, and then washed the models with GW Nuln Oil. For the cloaks on the Peacekeeper Captain and Sniper, I went with Valejo Dark Grey. After the wash, I highlighted the armor with Ash Grey and then highlighted those areas with some plain white. I sealed the models with brush on matte varnish and based the models. The final step was the dirty them up with Valejo Natural Umber pigment. I really like the look of these guys, especially the Peacekeeper Captain. He reminds me of a GW terminator, which I have always been a big fan of.

Next on my list will be to paint some scheme/corpse/scrap markers for Malifaux. I also have some more Plague models to add to my collection. As always, any tips/questions/C&C is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit and read.

More pictures can be found at http://imgur.com/a/O0eBY

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Dropzone Commander – UCM

Here is the 2nd army you receive in the starter box of Dropzone Commander, which is the United Colonies of Man or UCM. I decided to go with a grey theme with these guys because I think it looks good next to the blue them of my Scourge (see previous post). I really like the look of this army, partly because their tanks remind me of the tanks from TRON. The main color I used was Valejo Dark Grey.


Dropzone Commander – Scourge

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews regarding Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames, especially since the starter box came out in October of last year. Dropzone Commander is a 10mm miniature game utilizing dropships as a central theme for delivery and rapid redeployment of your units. I’ve heard the game referred to as the chess of wargaming due to it’s emphasis on tactics over complex rules. For roughly $100 US, the box comes with two starter armies with enough points for a 60 minute demo/skirmish, a full size rule book and card stock buildings among a lot of other items (markers/dice/tape measure). From what I understand (I have yet to play a game) these starting armies are not throw away armies that will never be used outside of a demo, but are solid units that will be used as you scale up your army(s). The models themselves are very good looking and they pack a lot of detail into their 10mm size. The first of the skirmish armies that I painted up are the Scourge, which are the universal “bad guys” in the game. They have an HR Giger look to them and all of their vehicles use grav technology to float around. I went with a bright scheme using Warpaints Crystal Blue as the main color with Gun Metal/Weapon Bronze/Lava Orange as accent colors.

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I love terminators. I don’t know if they are what other people use but I try to use a unit whenever possible. I like the idea of an implacable unit that slowly but surely moves across the battlefield, laying down tons of firing and then finishing off a unit by smashing them down with power weapons. For my terminators, I cut off the spikes on the trophy racks and instead added a single spike on the back of every terminator. I don’t like an overwhelming amount of spikes on my models and I try to denote champions with a single spike (see some of my other units). For the champion on this unit, I used a helmet-less head. I also modified two of the combi-bolters and made a few combi-plasma guns, which gave me two combi-plasma, one combi-melta, one combi-flamer, and one reaper autocannon. I also modeled two terminators with power fists, two with power mauls, and one with a chainfist. I am currently painting a Vampire Counts: Krell – Lord of Undeath for my new WFB army.



For my Forgefiend, I had seen similar conversions where the guns did not take the place of the arms as the kit is intended. I like the idea of this beast steadily crawling over rubble and laying down a hail of fire as it advances. I used the plasma cutter pieces to mount the guns and did some shaving until they looked good and glued them directly to the back. I also cut it’s tongue off, just didn’t like it. Other than that, this model is made completely using the pieces supplied in the box. I really had fun painting this guy. The larger models are generally easier to paint, although they take a bit longer. Any questions/comments/criticism? Please let me know. Thanks!


Chaos Marines and Dark Apostles

It’s been awhile since I posted. I got sucked into Warhammer Fantasy Battles and assembled several thousand vampire counts models so that I could play a 500 point game… I also have started playing more board games with my wife and some other friends, so my painting has taken a hit. I jumped back in this past week because I really want to finish up this army before I start painting the vampire counts army.

Since I have so many cultists in this army, I have only bought a 10-man squad of Chaos Space Marines as an additional troop choice. I don’t really like a lot of horns and top knots on the standard heads that come in the kit, so I swapped a lot of them out for extra bits that I had. These were mainly heads from the Raptor kit, the chaos vehicle sprues, and the possessed marine kit. I also assembled a few Dark Apostles. One is an old metal Chaplain Cassius that I converted and the other is a lot of random bits I put together.