Hey, it’s only been a year…

..but I’ve still been working on hobby projects. I’ve spent most of my hobby/game time painting and playing Malifaux as well as running tournaments. It’s still my game of choice and here are the Malifaux models I’ve painted over the past year.

One of the new games I’ve been acquiring more models for is Warlord Game’s Beyond the Gates of Antares. This a large-scale 28mm sci-fi game created by industry veteran Rick Priestley, one of the original people involved in Warhammer 40k. The game has some great fluff and very solid mechanics. I’ve only played it a handful of times due to not being able to play with the local group who meet on weekends. Here are some of the models I’ve painted for the two armies I’ve collected.

A friend of mine Kickstarted Ninja All Stars by Ninja Division and got a large amount of chibi miniatures to paint. I helped him paint one of the four clans shown below.


Lastly, I’ve worked on a LOT of terrain over the past year. The majority was aimed at Malifaux to use for tournaments but can obviously be used in any 28mm game. I also created a table to match one of my Beyond the Gates of Antares armies. Here are just some of the tables and terrain I’ve made/purchased over the past year.

That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully be more diligent about updating this blog in the future.

If you have any questions of comments, please don’t hesitate.


Lots of Malifaux and… a new game!

Sorry for the long break everyone! I haven’t stopped working on projects, I’ve just failed at updating this blog. Facebook and Twitter make it too easy to sit on the couch and share pictures so keeping this updated becomes more of a chore. Yeah, i know, pretty sad excuse. 🙂 Anyway, here are some things I’ve done since my last blog post.

I finally got around to buying a pale rider for my Guild crew. The rider models are all pretty sweet, but I personally like the Guild horse more than the others. I painted the model similar to the box are and stayed with a white, undead horse, of course… I painted the rider with leather and dark clothing. I’ve been using my airbrush more every day and have become accustomed to adding OSL effects at the end of the project. I also use the airbrush for clear coating which is very nice.

For my next project I decided to make some proxies. There are a lot of great models in the latest Malifaux book, Shifting Loyalties, but sadly there are no models yet. Awhile back I bought the Male and Female Multi-Part kits for Through the Breach, Wyrd’s role playing game based on the Malifaux universe. I used these to create some Guild Austringer and Witchling Handler models a few updates back and used it this time to create some Guild Sanctioned Spellcaster models. In game terms these models wear a collar that can be used to force the model to make casting attacks and can also be used to explode the model, injuring enemy models around them (think Seanchan Damane from The Wheel of Time series). I’ve yet to play a game with them but I have some models ready regardless. I did a little OSL work on these to try and show their hands glowing but don’t feel it was very successful.


Next up I painted some new Guild Hounds to replace the proxy version I’ve had for awhile. These dogs are very small. I want to go back and give them more of a doberman pincer look once I have some time, but they are usable for the time being.


I bought a LOT of new models during the Wyrd black Friday sale. Most of these were Resurrectionist models that are new releases. One of the crews I got during that time was the Nightmare Herald of Obliteration crew. Wyrd’s “Nightmare” models are typically larger versions of existing models but usable in the game. The Herald of Obliteration crew features a much larger Nothing Beast model. This is a great looking model and I was really excited to work on it.

My next project was some more terrain. I bought an MDF train set from Angry Mojo Games. I painted this train in 1 day using the airbrush for 90% of it. The only thing I used a brush for was adding rust to the tracks and wheels and adding weathering pigments to dirty up the trains. I was very happy with the results for the time invested.


Next up was Hannah from the Outcast faction. This a very sweet model that really shows off the steam punk aspect of this game. I added some addition pipes to the area directly behind her head, which is normally just and empty gap and looks lacking. You’ll also notice that i got some new backdrops from my light booth. I got them from Hangar 18 Miniatures and I am very pleased with the updated look. The next thing I need to buy is a proper camera..

My last project for this update is from a different game! I had been on the fence about buying into Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games. This is a very far future science fiction game and the models finally won me over. I haven’t played a game yet but I’ve heard/read/seen very good things about it. These units are the Ghar, which are diminutive creatures that pilot these large, robust robots. I don’t know how they play in the game but these models are so cool. I added some damage effects to these models which is a new skill for me and i am happy how it turned out. I finished these in 2 days and am very pleased with the results.

That is all for this update.I am always appreciative of feedback and questions so let me know if you have any! Until next time, take care.

More Malifaux and Gaming Tables

Awhile back I purchased this hot wire cutter and have used it a bit creating scenery for our weekly Malifaux group at the local game store and I wanted to make a ruined village board and a desert board for my basement gaming. I had purchased some scenery for other games and also traded some nice buildings to a friend in exchange for painting some of his models. The only additional thing I bought were some desert plants from Amazon. Here are a few pictures of each of the boards. (click to enlarge)

Other than working on terrain, I have been painting more Malifaux. It’s safe to say this is the game I play most often. We started a Shifting Loyalties campaign at our store and that has been a lot of fun. Their campaign system is very deep and adds some nice changes to how you approach and play each game.

The first thing on my list of finished projects are the Malifaux Starter Box models. The starter box is a new item from Wyrd Miniatures that includes everything two players need to learn Malifaux. It includes 4 models for each player and all of the models have the Mercenary characteristic so that you can use them no matter what faction you decide to play. The nice thing for me is that I primarily play Guild and the starter box comes with 4 Guild and 4 Neverborn models. These models are easier to assemble than a lot of their other models but still have the great look that is associated with the 2nd edition plastic models.

Awhile back I used the Male Multi-Part Kit to create some Guild Austringers. Since then, they have released new plastic models for them. They look really good so I had to get those and paint them.

One of the models yet to be released in plastic is the Guild Exorcist. I like the look of the 1st edition metal miniatures for this guy so I bought a few online since they out of print and harder to get.


The last model I have is an an older model as well. I bought this from one of the gamers in our weekly group and it was painted pink with sparkles. While he is not nearly as nice as the plastic version, he still has a very dark look which is synonymous with Neverborn and Malifaux overall. This is a 1st edition Teddy.


Next up on my painting table is some more Resurrectionist models to finish off all of the crew boxes from their line. I also am starting to work on a swamp board for my basement gaming as well.

As always, any questions or comments are appreciate and thanks for stopping by!

Bunch O’ Stuff

Hey all. I’ve been painting quite a bit but just failing at doing regular updates. I’ve been playing Malifaux, almost exclusively, so all of my updates are Malifaux related. We recently had a Malifaux tournament at our LGS hosted by myself and two other Malifaux promoters. As part of the “Best Painted” award, I gave away my painted Perdita crew shown HERE. They were the old metal models from Malifaux 1.5 so I used this as an excuse to buy the newer plastic crew! I also bought a brand new model, Abuella Ortega, who is the matriarch of the Ortega clan. She rolls around in her wheelchair and blasts things with her sawed-off shotgun. This crew is the what got me into Malifaux originally. They are a family of bad-ass, gun-toting enforcers who have enslaved a demon to do their bidding.

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I’ve been really enjoying playing another Guild Master named Hoffman, who’s crew I originally painted HERE. He is a master of constructs and makes all of his robot buddies around him better. Besides buying constructs from his faction, The Guild, he can also use his ties with the Arcanists to buy some of their constructs. The first model I painted to add to his crew is his brother, Ryle. This is a new model that came out at Gencon.


I also painted some Metal Gamin, which are part of the Arcanist faction.


These are Steam Arachnid Swarms, which are also part of the Arcanist faction.


Lastly, I was able to buy a rare, out of print Guild Warden to add to my construct crew. For an older edition metal miniature, I really like the look of this model.


Another out of print model I found recently was a Lady Justice model. The new plastic model is nice, but is very small and dainty. I like that this older sculpt is standing and much bigger.


Finally, I have also been painting some models for a friend in exchange for some terrain he no longer wanted. He is new to Malifaux and started with Rasputina and the Children of December crew that I painted HERE. He added the following models to beef up that crew and get it to 50 Soulstones, the standard size of a Malifaux game. They are the Cerberus and December Acolytes.

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Any questions about anything Malifaux related or any painting I’ve done? Feel free to ask and I will try to answer as best as I can. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Guild Peacekeeper

Hey all. I ordered a Peacekeeper, Ryle, and Abuella Ortega during Wyrd’s Gencon sale and they recently arrived. I’ve been wanting o try out Hoffman so I went ahead and painted the Peacekeeper first. This was a very quick model to paint for what I did. I used the airbrush to give get the base metal coat. I then picked out all of the brass bits and washed the entire model with a black wash. A went back and did some highlighting of the sharp edges with silver and painted the vents and spotlight. I added some rust using the GW technical paint Ryza Rust. I then used the airbrush to add some OSL to the spotlight. I only spent 2-3 hours on this model and got it to a state I am happy with.

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Next up I am going to paint the Perdita crew. I have a metal crew that was my first Malifaux crew from a few years back. I want to update that crew with the new plastics. I’m also going to paint Ryle at the same time so I’ll be back soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Necropunks and Yin the Penangalan

Really getting back into painting daily and trying to knock out my backlog. I am working on the Take Back the Night crew box currently, but went ahead and finished a box of Necropunks and Yin the Penangalan first. The Necropunks are a newer release from Wyrd Miniatures and Yin is a really cool enforcer model for the Ressurectionists.

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Terrain, Shadows of Redchapel, and lots more!

It has been awhile since I posted, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped progressing! Honestly, I did have a stack of models sitting by my desk, not assembled, and I finally committed to getting them done. I assembled a few crew boxes plus several additional models which will keep me busy for awhile. So what have I actually finished over the last few months?

First up is boards and terrain. We have a great local Malifaux group that meets every Thursday and we decided we needed some new boards and terrain. The store we play at provides these items but they are showing some wear and tear so we wanted something new. I’ve built 4 tables so far: blasted lands, winter, desert, and swamp-ish grasslands. I bought 1/2″ MDF and had it cut to 3′ x 3′ squares. I used THIS tutorial to create the texture on the boards. I then go to Home Depot and buy two small sample pints of paint and have them mixed to a base color and highlight color. (pro-tip: look at the “wrong color” shelf for some deals on cheap paints for terrain) After painting/highlighting everything, I seal the board with watered down PVA glue and add some patches of flock/static grass. This gives us some nice tables that we only have to add a bit more terrain to for gaming.

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I’ve painted 20 or so models since my last post as well. I recently finished the Shadows of Redchapel box and also painted up three additional Rotten Belles and two of The Hanged to go with the crew. More pictures can be found HERE.

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There are several models that have yet to be released in plastic from Wyrd miniatures, however they recently released two boxed sets for male and female multi-part kits for use in their RPG, Through the Breach. With these kits I made two Guild Austringers and two Guild Witchling Handlers. I added the birds from a Hordes model Una the Falconer.


The last two models I finished was Joss and Howard Langston, two Arcanist models from The M&SU boxed set. These are both constructs which means I can use them with Hoffman’s crew.

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As always, thanks for stopping by!