Hey, it’s only been a year…

..but I’ve still been working on hobby projects. I’ve spent most of my hobby/game time painting and playing Malifaux as well as running tournaments. It’s still my game of choice and here are the Malifaux models I’ve painted over the past year.

One of the new games I’ve been acquiring more models for is Warlord Game’s Beyond the Gates of Antares. This a large-scale 28mm sci-fi game created by industry veteran Rick Priestley, one of the original people involved in Warhammer 40k. The game has some great fluff and very solid mechanics. I’ve only played it a handful of times due to not being able to play with the local group who meet on weekends. Here are some of the models I’ve painted for the two armies I’ve collected.

A friend of mine Kickstarted Ninja All Stars by Ninja Division and got a large amount of chibi miniatures to paint. I helped him paint one of the four clans shown below.


Lastly, I’ve worked on a LOT of terrain over the past year. The majority was aimed at Malifaux to use for tournaments but can obviously be used in any 28mm game. I also created a table to match one of my Beyond the Gates of Antares armies. Here are just some of the tables and terrain I’ve made/purchased over the past year.

That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully be more diligent about updating this blog in the future.

If you have any questions of comments, please don’t hesitate.


Getting Started

First off, I consider myself a casual player. I have played in a few tournaments and, while somewhat enjoyable, it’s not my cup of tea. Any time competition is involved, it has a chance to bring out the worst in people. I enjoy winning as much as the next person, but a close game, win or lose, is the most enjoyable to me. I am telling you this opinion to give you some insight into how and why I pick an army. Since I am not concerned with winning a competition, I pick armies based on looks and what I think will be enjoyable to paint. That’s not to say I don’t have some inkling of how I like to play the game and the theory crafting behind making a decent army list, but my main motivation is what models I like the aesthetics of. Given this reasoning, I chose to build a Chaos Space Marine army when I got back into the hobby. I really like the model selection and the overall look of the army.

Once I have decided on an army, the next thing I decide on is a color palette. I personally like to work with a very limited amount of colors when painting an entire army. I think it really ties the army together into a very cohesive look. That’s not to say I won’t spend more time on a centerpiece model and add brighter highlights/more detail/etc., but I don’t paint 3 colors on a standard trooper and 20 on my army leader. For my new Chaos Space Marines army, I wanted to come up with something that isn’t a typical color scheme found in the army codex. When I played years ago, I built and painted a Death Guard (Nurgle) army so I wanted to stick with a undivided army and come up with my own color scheme. After thinking about my new army for awhile, I landed on this color palette:

  m2280060a_99189950001_AverlandSunset_224x160  m2281161a_99189951058_PallidWychFlesh_224x160 m2280330a_99189950028_Leadbelcher_224x160

These are not the only colors that I use, but these are my core colors. I really like the look of a darker yellow for armor next to a pure metallic. I also wanted any exposed flesh on the models to be very pale as if it hasn’t seen the light of any sun in aeons. Here are a few examples of how this scheme has turned out as a primer to what will be shown in subsequent posts.

Chaos Space Marine Terminators

Chaos Terminators

Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend


Chaos Space Marine Obliterators