More Malifaux and Gaming Tables

Awhile back I purchased this hot wire cutter and have used it a bit creating scenery for our weekly Malifaux group at the local game store and I wanted to make a ruined village board and a desert board for my basement gaming. I had purchased some scenery for other games and also traded some nice buildings to a friend in exchange for painting some of his models. The only additional thing I bought were some desert plants from Amazon. Here are a few pictures of each of the boards. (click to enlarge)

Other than working on terrain, I have been painting more Malifaux. It’s safe to say this is the game I play most often. We started a Shifting Loyalties campaign at our store and that has been a lot of fun. Their campaign system is very deep and adds some nice changes to how you approach and play each game.

The first thing on my list of finished projects are the Malifaux Starter Box models. The starter box is a new item from Wyrd Miniatures that includes everything two players need to learn Malifaux. It includes 4 models for each player and all of the models have the Mercenary characteristic so that you can use them no matter what faction you decide to play. The nice thing for me is that I primarily play Guild and the starter box comes with 4 Guild and 4 Neverborn models. These models are easier to assemble than a lot of their other models but still have the great look that is associated with the 2nd edition plastic models.

Awhile back I used the Male Multi-Part Kit to create some Guild Austringers. Since then, they have released new plastic models for them. They look really good so I had to get those and paint them.

One of the models yet to be released in plastic is the Guild Exorcist. I like the look of the 1st edition metal miniatures for this guy so I bought a few online since they out of print and harder to get.


The last model I have is an an older model as well. I bought this from one of the gamers in our weekly group and it was painted pink with sparkles. While he is not nearly as nice as the plastic version, he still has a very dark look which is synonymous with Neverborn and Malifaux overall. This is a 1st edition Teddy.


Next up on my painting table is some more Resurrectionist models to finish off all of the crew boxes from their line. I also am starting to work on a swamp board for my basement gaming as well.

As always, any questions or comments are appreciate and thanks for stopping by!


No Shelter Here, Teddy, Beckoners, and a Doppleganger

Still focusing on Malifaux and Deadzone primarily until Dreadball comes in. Since all of my Deadzone models are painted that leaves me buying a new crew every few weeks and painting it. Since I hadn’t gotten the “Of Metal and Flesh” Guild crew yet, I started into the next faction on my list which is Neverborn.

In Malifaux, the Neverborn are the natives and every other faction are intruders. They are nightmares made real and harbor all types of spirits, demons, and crazy constructs. They also have some of the best looking models in the range, in my opinion. Because of that, I picked up the “No Shelter Here” boxed set along with a Teddy, a box of Beckoners, and a Doppleganger. This gives me a good 50+ SS crew to build upon. The crew mechanics are unique and I think the spirit models are top notch. As with other crews, I tried to stick as close to the book art color scheme as possible. For the basing, I washed the sand with Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade and then brushed Army Painter Deep Blue  over top. I used fine green flock instead of static grass to finish off the bases.

Next up on the list is “Of Metal and Flesh”, which will finish out all of the available guild crews. More pictures of these Neverborn models can be found HERE and HERE. Thanks for stopping by.