Hey, it’s only been a year…

..but I’ve still been working on hobby projects. I’ve spent most of my hobby/game time painting and playing Malifaux as well as running tournaments. It’s still my game of choice and here are the Malifaux models I’ve painted over the past year.

One of the new games I’ve been acquiring more models for is Warlord Game’s Beyond the Gates of Antares. This a large-scale 28mm sci-fi game created by industry veteran Rick Priestley, one of the original people involved in Warhammer 40k. The game has some great fluff and very solid mechanics. I’ve only played it a handful of times due to not being able to play with the local group who meet on weekends. Here are some of the models I’ve painted for the two armies I’ve collected.

A friend of mine Kickstarted Ninja All Stars by Ninja Division and got a large amount of chibi miniatures to paint. I helped him paint one of the four clans shown below.


Lastly, I’ve worked on a LOT of terrain over the past year. The majority was aimed at Malifaux to use for tournaments but can obviously be used in any 28mm game. I also created a table to match one of my Beyond the Gates of Antares armies. Here are just some of the tables and terrain I’ve made/purchased over the past year.

That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully be more diligent about updating this blog in the future.

If you have any questions of comments, please don’t hesitate.


Deadzone Terrain

I was planning on just buying a gaming mat and some Deadzone terrain recently. After adding it up, I decided I may as well just buy the starter box and get more models/rule book/etc. One of the cool and unique aspects of Deadzone is the terrain. Instead of the board being divided into sections, it is instead divided into three dimensional cubes, each being 3″ x 3″ x 3″. The scenery is thus built this way. It is described as the Lego of terrain building and I think that is pretty spot on. If you have the scenery available, you could build really tall structures or massive multi-story compounds. The game rules are built around this concept in regards to movement, LOS, and range.

The construction of the terrain is designed to be broken down and built up in different ways. Since I plan on building more pieces and to keep from wearing out connectors and joints, I glued the terrain together to make it very durable. TIP: Cut the doors in half with a jewelers saw and use the extra support pieces to create even more barricades (see my pictures in the link below for some up-close shots). For painting, I used this tutorial (click here) as my base to save time. I used black primer, grey primer, and white primer, all from my local DIY store. Doing this cost me $8 is spray paint versus $30 in “hobby” spray paint. Since I don’t have a fancy vacuum hood and I sprayed the pieces in my garage on a drop cloth, I then washed the terrain in water just to get the dust off. After that, I hit all of the pieces with a very quick dry brush using white paint to help define the edges. I then picked out certain areas to paint with GW Averland Sunset, Warpaints Deep Blue, and Warpaints Greenskin. I then added some blood splaters/stains using GW Mechrite Red mixed with Warpaints Oak Brown. I tried to do some OSL with the lights, but I think i need to go back and brighten the source up a bit to make it look better. I washed some of the grating with GW Nuln Oil and created the blod spots with GW Agrax Earthshade. My painting was completed at this point but I wanted to make the pieces look very used and dirty so I went over all of them with Valejo Natural Umber pigment in certain areas. I sprayed the pieces with rubbing alcohol to set the pigment and then sealed the pieces with a clear matte spray. Finally, I went back over some of the blood stains with brush on Valejo Gloss Varnish to make the areas looks wet and sticky. This entire project took me approximately 12 hours. It is not show quality terrain, but for the time investment I am happy with the results.

I have several more pictures HERE in addition to the ones below. Questions? Comments? Please let me know, and thanks for stopping by. Next up? The Deadzone Enforcers I got with the game!

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I was going back through my pictures and realized I had never made a post of my Warpsmith for my chaos space marine army. I think this is the last model I have to post about prior to  REALLY switch over to Vampire Counts. I promise.

For this model, I decided to make my own Warpsmith because I just don’t like the GW one that much. I started with a possessed model and cut the blades from it’s power pack. I snipped the tentacle from it’s head and added the correct hand weapons (power axe and bolt pistol). I then rolled out some green stuff and made some segmented tentacles and let them harden. After that i could attach the tentacles and started giving the model it’s weapons attached to the mechatendrils. I used a claw from a Necron tomb spider, a drill from an old Dark Eldar talos, and made the flamer and meltagun from guns that I had in my bit collections. Finally, I added some guitar string to simulate additional wires on the harness.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if there is anything you’d like more detail on regarding my projects.


Krell – Lord of Undeath

This model marks the move from painting my Chaos Space Marines to working on my Vampire Counts army. This is the first completed model in the army and I started with this sculpt because it’s awesome. As with my chaos marine army, I chose vampire counts because I really like the range of models and I want to work on a very dark, earthy color scheme. I have a pile of un-assembled models, so I will have a lot of updates over the next few months as I work on this new army. What new projects are you working on?


Chaos Marines and Dark Apostles

It’s been awhile since I posted. I got sucked into Warhammer Fantasy Battles and assembled several thousand vampire counts models so that I could play a 500 point game… I also have started playing more board games with my wife and some other friends, so my painting has taken a hit. I jumped back in this past week because I really want to finish up this army before I start painting the vampire counts army.

Since I have so many cultists in this army, I have only bought a 10-man squad of Chaos Space Marines as an additional troop choice. I don’t really like a lot of horns and top knots on the standard heads that come in the kit, so I swapped a lot of them out for extra bits that I had. These were mainly heads from the Raptor kit, the chaos vehicle sprues, and the possessed marine kit. I also assembled a few Dark Apostles. One is an old metal Chaplain Cassius that I converted and the other is a lot of random bits I put together.




Back when I first started buying the models for this new army, I did some trading on a well known site, bartertown.com. I traded some old Battle Fleet Gothic miniatures for quite a few Chaos Space Marine models. One of them was this Vindicator. The upper part of the model and the cannon is a resin kit from puppetswar.eu and, overall, the model was in pretty bad shape. The first thing I did was disassemble it and clean up the pieces. I then reassembled it and it had some major gaps. I used a lot of green stuff to fill in the gaps and then smoothed everything out. If you pick the model up and really examine it, it still has some issues, but as it sits on the table top, it turned out pretty well.

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On my next post, I will show the rhinos I assembled and painted for this army. By the way, what are you drinking right now? I’ve been stuck on Yuengling Lager for a bit. So tasty..


The next model I painted for my new Chaos Space Marine army was one of the new Helbrutes from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. I’ve always loved the dreadnought models and their game history. This models looks really nice, although it is very limited in weapon choices I.E. there are none except the stock ones. I’ve acquired four of these models from trading so I kept the first one stock (multi-melta and powerfist).


I’ve also modified one to carry a twin-linked lascannon. I did a head swap from the Warhammer zombie models. I also had a metal twin-linked autocannon arm from the old chaos dreadnought that I chopped up and added some aluminum tubing to for the barrels. i added some spikes to the barrels and blended the barrels meeting the flesh with some green stuff.


On my next post, I will show you my vindicator model using a puppets of war big momma cannon. What is your favorite model in the Chaos Space Marine line?