Hello! I am a 38 year old engineer and I live in the Columbus, OH area. I am married and have two children.  I enjoy the hobby of assembling and painting miniature war game models and have created this blog as an insight to my methods and techniques. Hopefully you can take something away from it or have some constructive feedback to leave.




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  1. Haven’t seen a new post in a few months, but wanted to thank you for what you have done, the 40k posts pushed me over the edge to use yellow (I had thought of it for years). Started a new detachment for this edition and look forward to the challenge. Hope to see more posts from you, and keep up the good work!

  2. Hey there,

    I’m the guy from bartertown that bought some of your chaos. I’m currently deployed in Kuwait but was wondering if you would be interested in commission work? I absolutely love the yellow and your style of painting and was wondering if you be interested in painting mechanicus for me. Shoot me an email if interested.



  3. I asked earlier if you would consider making some painting-tutorial-videos.
    There are certainly alot of painting-tutorials already available.
    Unfortunately the majority of them are mediocre and bland.
    I´m not saying that I am any better, just pointing out that I consider your painting and your composition of colors far better and more inspiring than most of the videos out there.
    Anyway, tutorial-videos aside, if you should find the time, could you describe step-by-step how you painted the Chaos Marines? I have not painted in 15 years, so any help is appreciated.

    • Sorry it took me awhile to reply, Peter. Here is how I painted this army:

      Prime Black
      Dry brush Mournfang Brown
      Dry brush XV-88
      Dry brush Averland Sunset
      Do detail work – Gun Metal on all metal parts
      Pallid Wych Flesh on the skin
      Pick out some metal areas and make them brass/bronze

      The models will not look very good at this point but the washes (next steps) will really start bring out the detail.

      Use Nuln Oil on the entire model except for the skin area
      Use Seraphim Sepia on the skin
      Use Averland Sunset to touch up all of the yellow areas
      Highlight Averland Sunset with Yriel Yellow
      Highlight metal areas with Chainmail (are whatever it’s called now)

      Make sure you really water down your paints, especially your yellows. I use brush-on sealer to seal the models (Army Painter or Valejo)

      Hope this helps!

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