Bunch O’ Stuff

Hey all. I’ve been painting quite a bit but just failing at doing regular updates. I’ve been playing Malifaux, almost exclusively, so all of my updates are Malifaux related. We recently had a Malifaux tournament at our LGS hosted by myself and two other Malifaux promoters. As part of the “Best Painted” award, I gave away my painted Perdita crew shown HERE. They were the old metal models from Malifaux 1.5 so I used this as an excuse to buy the newer plastic crew! I also bought a brand new model, Abuella Ortega, who is the matriarch of the Ortega clan. She rolls around in her wheelchair and blasts things with her sawed-off shotgun. This crew is the what got me into Malifaux originally. They are a family of bad-ass, gun-toting enforcers who have enslaved a demon to do their bidding.

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I’ve been really enjoying playing another Guild Master named Hoffman, who’s crew I originally painted HERE. He is a master of constructs and makes all of his robot buddies around him better. Besides buying constructs from his faction, The Guild, he can also use his ties with the Arcanists to buy some of their constructs. The first model I painted to add to his crew is his brother, Ryle. This is a new model that came out at Gencon.


I also painted some Metal Gamin, which are part of the Arcanist faction.


These are Steam Arachnid Swarms, which are also part of the Arcanist faction.


Lastly, I was able to buy a rare, out of print Guild Warden to add to my construct crew. For an older edition metal miniature, I really like the look of this model.


Another out of print model I found recently was a Lady Justice model. The new plastic model is nice, but is very small and dainty. I like that this older sculpt is standing and much bigger.


Finally, I have also been painting some models for a friend in exchange for some terrain he no longer wanted. He is new to Malifaux and started with Rasputina and the Children of December crew that I painted HERE. He added the following models to beef up that crew and get it to 50 Soulstones, the standard size of a Malifaux game. They are the Cerberus and December Acolytes.

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Any questions about anything Malifaux related or any painting I’ve done? Feel free to ask and I will try to answer as best as I can. As always, thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “Bunch O’ Stuff

  1. They look amazing. I wish I had more time or energy to paint, but things are looking up in that regard at least. I almost have von schill completed.

    These models look super sweet.

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