Large Update

Hey y’all. Haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve still been working on my hobby items. I’ve added a bit to my Dropzone Commander armies and several crews for Malifaux. The first crew here is Kirai and her Vengeful Spirits. The crew box only comes with 12 or so points (soulstones) worth of models so I added some Gaki, Izamu the Armor, Datsue Ba, and bought Toshiro the Daimo to round them out. I have only had a chance to play with this crew once but it was a lot of fun. Her summoning and the ever-present Ikiryo makes for a lot of surprises. I painted this crew similar to the box art, although one thing I tried to do was use more washes over a grey primer to give the spirit models a lighter effect. I’m still on the fence about how well it did/didn’t work, although I really like how Ikiryo (the big yellow spirit) worked out.

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The next crew I painted is Rasputina and her Children of December. I painted this crew for a friend of mine and got to use my airbrush quite a bit on the “ice” creatures. I like the way the colors turned out and the bases with the snow and dead grass combo.

O60MH4G ee0CF9X dGwH4Bm YIGRR3n WnTkuHk t7OXz6L FIFjFrA chtJvmA

I also painted Mei Fang and her Rail Crew for another friend. I tried to go with a really light skin on this crew and also used pigments on their legs simulate iron oxide.


The Rail and Crew and Children of December were taken in my new Orange Monkey fold-able studio. I’m really liking the quality of the pictures when using it versus trying to set up a light box on my desk. Read more about this item at

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Large Update

  1. Lovely painting. You have a very smooth style. The very pale skin on the Rail Crew is an interesting choice but I think it comes out well. My favourite is the Wendigo though; it just looks perfect.

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