Terrain, Shadows of Redchapel, and lots more!

It has been awhile since I posted, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped progressing! Honestly, I did have a stack of models sitting by my desk, not assembled, and I finally committed to getting them done. I assembled a few crew boxes plus several additional models which will keep me busy for awhile. So what have I actually finished over the last few months?

First up is boards and terrain. We have a great local Malifaux group that meets every Thursday and we decided we needed some new boards and terrain. The store we play at provides these items but they are showing some wear and tear so we wanted something new. I’ve built 4 tables so far: blasted lands, winter, desert, and swamp-ish grasslands. I bought 1/2″ MDF and had it cut to 3′ x 3′ squares. I used THIS tutorial to create the texture on the boards. I then go to Home Depot and buy two small sample pints of paint and have them mixed to a base color and highlight color. (pro-tip: look at the “wrong color” shelf for some deals on cheap paints for terrain) After painting/highlighting everything, I seal the board with watered down PVA glue and add some patches of flock/static grass. This gives us some nice tables that we only have to add a bit more terrain to for gaming.

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I’ve painted 20 or so models since my last post as well. I recently finished the Shadows of Redchapel box and also painted up three additional Rotten Belles and two of The Hanged to go with the crew. More pictures can be found HERE.

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There are several models that have yet to be released in plastic from Wyrd miniatures, however they recently released two boxed sets for male and female multi-part kits for use in their RPG, Through the Breach. With these kits I made two Guild Austringers and two Guild Witchling Handlers. I added the birds from a Hordes model Una the Falconer.


The last two models I finished was Joss and Howard Langston, two Arcanist models from The M&SU boxed set. These are both constructs which means I can use them with Hoffman’s crew.

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As always, thanks for stopping by!


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