Of Metal and Flesh plus friends!

This crew was sitting on my desk for several weeks but I finally finished Hoffman and his pals. This means that I have painted every starter crew for Guild and I am ready to move on to other factions. I have an un-assembled The M&SU box and a Shadows of Redchapel box sitting here ready for some love.

I bought an airbrush over the holidays and got to try it out on Hoffman’s constructs. I think it really ties the crew together and the red glow looks pretty menacing. I haven’t tried to do any of the non-metallic metallic painting so this crews is basically all gunmetal and bronze. The orange/red really helps to break that up. I also used some of the Citadel technical paints, Typhus Corrosion, Nihilakh Oxide, and Ryza Rust, to give the constructs and Hoffman’s suite some wear and tear. He’d probably keep his buddies in better condition but I wanted to add something other than just metallics. Since Hoffman can use M&SU constructs in his crew I also bought a Rail Golemn. This is a really cool model and I had fun using the airbrush to do more OSL stuff. I don’t think i was very successful with his vent pipes but I got tired of fussing with it.

More pictures can be found here. As always, thanks for stopping by.

OMPnAB7 6lHXk7Z gqRAMhV masfCAP


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