No Shelter Here, Teddy, Beckoners, and a Doppleganger

Still focusing on Malifaux and Deadzone primarily until Dreadball comes in. Since all of my Deadzone models are painted that leaves me buying a new crew every few weeks and painting it. Since I hadn’t gotten the “Of Metal and Flesh” Guild crew yet, I started into the next faction on my list which is Neverborn.

In Malifaux, the Neverborn are the natives and every other faction are intruders. They are nightmares made real and harbor all types of spirits, demons, and crazy constructs. They also have some of the best looking models in the range, in my opinion. Because of that, I picked up the “No Shelter Here” boxed set along with a Teddy, a box of Beckoners, and a Doppleganger. This gives me a good 50+ SS crew to build upon. The crew mechanics are unique and I think the spirit models are top notch. As with other crews, I tried to stick as close to the book art color scheme as possible. For the basing, I washed the sand with Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade and then brushed Army Painter Deep Blue  over top. I used fine green flock instead of static grass to finish off the bases.

Next up on the list is “Of Metal and Flesh”, which will finish out all of the available guild crews. More pictures of these Neverborn models can be found HERE and HERE. Thanks for stopping by.



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