Relic Hunters

I have been painting this crew off and on for a few weeks and finally finished it up. That leaves Hoffman as the last guild crew box to finish up one of every possible Guild starter crew. I used the split basing idea to show that this crew can also be Ten Thunders. I tried to emulate the basing that Adam D. from our Malifaux group creates with limited success, but overall I am happy with the basing idea. I also added a few hound models from since there are currently no Guild hound models available. Even metal ones are sold out everywhere I’ve looked. Hopefully the Hoffman boxed set will be at our local store soon for me to pick up. In the interim I have some more terrain to paint for Deadzone and I also picked up a No Shelter Here boxed set, flesh construct, canine remains, doppleganger, and beckoners for Malifaux. Thanks for stopping by. C&C always welcome.

More pictures are HERE.

9Dw9fpD l76OxoU cJHrllo TrM9KFE


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