Relic Hunters

I have been painting this crew off and on for a few weeks and finally finished it up. That leaves Hoffman as the last guild crew box to finish up one of every possible Guild starter crew. I used the split basing idea to show that this crew can also be Ten Thunders. I tried to emulate the basing that Adam D. from our Malifaux group creates with limited success, but overall I am happy with the basing idea. I also added a few hound models from since there are currently no Guild hound models available. Even metal ones are sold out everywhere I’ve looked. Hopefully the Hoffman boxed set will be at our local store soon for me to pick up. In the interim I have some more terrain to paint for Deadzone and I also picked up a No Shelter Here boxed set, flesh construct, canine remains, doppleganger, and beckoners for Malifaux. Thanks for stopping by. C&C always welcome.

More pictures are HERE.

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Bound by Law

Well I am still on my current goal to finish all of the Guild crews for Malifaux. The Lucius “Bound by Law” crew is number 5 of 7. These models have been fun to paint and since each crew is quite different, completing one makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, versus painting a small squad in a large army. I’ve been sticking with a similar pallet through most of my guild models except I did add purple to this crew for one of the lawyers. In other games, I will stray from colors shown in the art but I have tried to stay close on the Malifaux models. I really like the process Wyrd is using to make their game artwork and models look exactly the same, so I am trying to somewhat emulate that with my painting. I do use a bit more denim and leather because a lot of the clothing in their art is using different shades of grey for clothing, like maybe everyone is wearing roughspun and black leather. I also based the master half and half, similar to McMourning, since he can be Guild or Neverborn. The main colors I used on this crew were Vallejo Dark Grey, Army Painter Deep Blue, Army Painter Alien Purple, Army Painter Dragon Red, Army Painter Ash Grey, Army Painter Oak Brown, Army Painter Gun Metal and White. More pictures can be found HERE. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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