Guild Riflemen

Yep, more Malifaux Guild stuff. Not only am I collecting and painting all of the crew boxes, I am also adding models that are not part of a crew box. This is because most crew boxes come with 25 to 30 soul stones worth of models and a typical game of Malifaux is 50 soul stones. I can use models between crews but the best option is to collect everything that is available for a given faction. I paint way more than I play so realistically it will take a long time to play all of these crews and even longer to understand all of their mechanics really well, but that’s OK. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any given talent. While I’ll never master a given game, I feel like I get better at and learn new things every time I paint.

I really like how shrouded these models are. Their hats obscure most of their upper body, giving them a sinister look.

As always, more picture can be found here. Thanks for stopping by. Any comments/suggestions/feedback is always welcome.



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