Deadzone – Plague Support

I’ve been slowly adding to my Deadzone set and these Plague support models were next up on my list. I am not a big fan of Mantic’s Restic (resin/plastic) material but it gets the job done. I will say that once it’s glued together, it is about indestructible. What is not shown in the pictures below are some more dogs that come in the support kit.

I am playing Deadzone with a few groups of gamers and it is a really solid game. The rules are very unique, the game is very easy to learn but it will take awhile to master. The scenery is awesome and the size of the board (2′ x 2′) means immediate action and tactics. I highly recommend it for anyone on the fence.

Speaking of Mantic, I recently bought into their new Kings of War kickstarter. I have not played Kings of War, but after reading through the rules and watching some demo games on Youtube, I think it looks and plays great. As with all Mantic kickstarters, you get a great deal for your investment.

More pictures of the Plague support are here. Thanks for stopping by.

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