Body of Evidence

On my quest to collect and paint all of the Guild masters, McMourning and his crew were next on my list. McMouring is a dual faction master, which means he can be used by either the Guild or the Resurrectionists. Because of the dual faction, I thought it’d be cool to base the model half and half. The crew was a lot of fun to paint and I really like the difficulty of painting the nurse models due to their size. More pictures can be found here. Thanks for stopping by.

VZOIAQg MazomXF cqbCOMd kvY4kpQ DI9D8gd 5tAnYOS


2 thoughts on “Body of Evidence

  1. Very nice offrings. Good contrasts and they really pop even in the small thumbnails. The bases are subtle, yet add that finishing touch to them. My favourites are the Frankensteinesque monstrum and obviously the guy with the circular saw. Very freaky, atmospheric stuff. Finally, you choice of colours reall draws it all together and makes them look like they are one faction.

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