The Torch and the Blade

Sonnia Criid and her starter crew is the 3rd full crew I’ve painted for Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures. I’ve decided to slowly collect and paint all of the guild crews because I like the faction and because, in game terms, it gives me more choices. In Malifaux, each player announces their faction before hiring their crews and certain crews match up better against certain factions. I am really enjoying painting these models. They are very good quality albeit smaller than games like 40k and Deadzone. I stayed with the same color pallete as my other guild models (leathers, denim, wool shirts, steel, brass). I did some OSL on Sonnia and I think it turned out OK. I’ve only tried that technique a few times and I think I may be a little heavy handed. Next up on my list is to paint a few more plague models for Deadzone and after that I have the McMourning crew and Guild Riflemen to paint for Malifaux. Thanks for stopping by. As always, any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

More pictures can be found HERE.

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2 thoughts on “The Torch and the Blade

  1. Nice offerings. I especially like the flaming skeleton. The bases gives it an overall arid, deserted look. Finally the leather dress of the lady also turned out nicely. Subtle shading and a good base tone.

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