Malifaux Markers

In Malifaux you use markers for schemes, corpses, and scrap, depending on what army you are playing. You can use different colored 30mm bases, plastic discs, cardboard discs, etc. I decided to buy some custom 30mm bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures to make my markers. Specifically I bought Bone Field, Corpse Field, and Scrap Yard bases to signify scheme, corpse and scrap markers. Since I currently am collecting Guild crews, I added some ram skulls, which is their symbol, to some of the scheme markers. I believe these skulls are from GW skeleton sprues, but I could be wrong. I painted the lip of the guild scheme markers red to match the guild color. These were easy and quick to make (4 or so hours) and add a little more character to your games. Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know what other cool ideas you all have seen for various markers.

Corpse Markers


Scrap Markers


Guild Scheme Markers



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