Guild Riflemen

Yep, more Malifaux Guild stuff. Not only am I collecting and painting all of the crew boxes, I am also adding models that are not part of a crew box. This is because most crew boxes come with 25 to 30 soul stones worth of models and a typical game of Malifaux is 50 soul stones. I can use models between crews but the best option is to collect everything that is available for a given faction. I paint way more than I play so realistically it will take a long time to play all of these crews and even longer to understand all of their mechanics really well, but that’s OK. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any given talent. While I’ll never master a given game, I feel like I get better at and learn new things every time I paint.

I really like how shrouded these models are. Their hats obscure most of their upper body, giving them a sinister look.

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Body of Evidence

On my quest to collect and paint all of the Guild masters, McMourning and his crew were next on my list. McMouring is a dual faction master, which means he can be used by either the Guild or the Resurrectionists. Because of the dual faction, I thought it’d be cool to base the model half and half. The crew was a lot of fun to paint and I really like the difficulty of painting the nurse models due to their size. More pictures can be found here. Thanks for stopping by.

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Deadzone – Plague Support

I’ve been slowly adding to my Deadzone set and these Plague support models were next up on my list. I am not a big fan of Mantic’s Restic (resin/plastic) material but it gets the job done. I will say that once it’s glued together, it is about indestructible. What is not shown in the pictures below are some more dogs that come in the support kit.

I am playing Deadzone with a few groups of gamers and it is a really solid game. The rules are very unique, the game is very easy to learn but it will take awhile to master. The scenery is awesome and the size of the board (2′ x 2′) means immediate action and tactics. I highly recommend it for anyone on the fence.

Speaking of Mantic, I recently bought into their new Kings of War kickstarter. I have not played Kings of War, but after reading through the rules and watching some demo games on Youtube, I think it looks and plays great. As with all Mantic kickstarters, you get a great deal for your investment.

More pictures of the Plague support are here. Thanks for stopping by.

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The Torch and the Blade

Sonnia Criid and her starter crew is the 3rd full crew I’ve painted for Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures. I’ve decided to slowly collect and paint all of the guild crews because I like the faction and because, in game terms, it gives me more choices. In Malifaux, each player announces their faction before hiring their crews and certain crews match up better against certain factions. I am really enjoying painting these models. They are very good quality albeit smaller than games like 40k and Deadzone. I stayed with the same color pallete as my other guild models (leathers, denim, wool shirts, steel, brass). I did some OSL on Sonnia and I think it turned out OK. I’ve only tried that technique a few times and I think I may be a little heavy handed. Next up on my list is to paint a few more plague models for Deadzone and after that I have the McMourning crew and Guild Riflemen to paint for Malifaux. Thanks for stopping by. As always, any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

More pictures can be found HERE.

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Malifaux Markers

In Malifaux you use markers for schemes, corpses, and scrap, depending on what army you are playing. You can use different colored 30mm bases, plastic discs, cardboard discs, etc. I decided to buy some custom 30mm bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures to make my markers. Specifically I bought Bone Field, Corpse Field, and Scrap Yard bases to signify scheme, corpse and scrap markers. Since I currently am collecting Guild crews, I added some ram skulls, which is their symbol, to some of the scheme markers. I believe these skulls are from GW skeleton sprues, but I could be wrong. I painted the lip of the guild scheme markers red to match the guild color. These were easy and quick to make (4 or so hours) and add a little more character to your games. Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know what other cool ideas you all have seen for various markers.

Corpse Markers


Scrap Markers


Guild Scheme Markers