Crypt Ghouls

Well, I took a bit of a break from miniature gaming. I played in a great tournament in late October and after that I was a little burned out on playing and painting so kept myself occupied with board games and computer games. I have been staring at this Warhammer Fantasy army for months now and finally felt motivated to get it painted.

If you’ve seen my earlier posts, you know that the army I have to paint for Warhammer Fantasy is Vampire Counts.  I have a lot of core units from a few battalion boxes as well as some special and rare units. I want to get all my core units finished first so the first two units that I painted were blocks of 25 Crypt Ghouls. This is the first full army that I have pained for WHFB and I am trying to take some shortcuts due to the sheer number of models. I painted all 50 models up to a decent standard and then spent a bit more time on the front ranks. I’ve been using Warpaints from The Army Painter and the primary colors I used on this unit was Necrotic Flesh, Uniform Grey, Skeleton Bone and Oak Brown with some Gun Metal and Weapon Bronze for the metalics. I used their Strong Tone Quickshade for the wash.

The next two units I am going to work on are some 15 strong blocks of Dire Wolves. I ordered some Skeleton Bone primer so I will wait on that to arrive before tackling the skeletons.

During my downtime, I also purchased some Malifaux models of “The Guild” faction and I just recently ordered the Dropzone Commander starter box so I will be sprinkling in some of those models as well.




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