Dropzone Commander – UCM

Here is the 2nd army you receive in the starter box of Dropzone Commander, which is the United Colonies of Man or UCM. I decided to go with a grey theme with these guys because I think it looks good next to the blue them of my Scourge (see previous post). I really like the look of this army, partly because their tanks remind me of the tanks from TRON. The main color I used was Valejo Dark Grey.



Dropzone Commander – Scourge

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews regarding Dropzone Commander¬†from Hawk Wargames, especially since the starter box came out in October of last year. Dropzone Commander is a 10mm miniature game utilizing dropships as a central theme for delivery and rapid redeployment of your units. I’ve heard the game referred to as the chess of wargaming due to it’s emphasis on tactics over complex rules. For roughly $100 US, the box comes with two starter armies with enough points for a 60 minute demo/skirmish, a full size rule book and card stock buildings among a lot of other items (markers/dice/tape measure). From what I understand (I have yet to play a game) these starting armies are not throw away armies that will never be used outside of a demo, but are solid units that will be used as you scale up your army(s). The models themselves are very good looking and they pack a lot of detail into their 10mm size. The first of the skirmish armies that I painted up are the Scourge, which are the universal “bad guys” in the game. They have an HR Giger look to them and all of their vehicles use grav technology to float around. I went with a bright scheme using Warpaints Crystal Blue as the main color with Gun Metal/Weapon Bronze/Lava Orange as accent colors.

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Malifaux – Guild Crews

Since I’ve jumped back into painting full steam, I’ve had my eye on a group of Malifaux models I bought several months ago. I’ve only played one small game of Malifaux but I really like the western/victorian/steampunk look of the models and setting of the game. Wyrd Miniatures, the creator of Malifaux, recently released the 2nd edition of the game and started making their models in plastic. I have 1 crew of metal miniatures (Perdita Ortega and her family) and 1 crew of plastic miniatures (Lady Justice). The plastic kit is definitely nicer, although there are a lot of individual pieces which doesn’t seem necessary. Lady Justice herself is several tiny pieces and 2 pieces would have been sufficient. The models were fun to paint although a bit smaller than what I am used to in GW miniatures. This is not a bad thing, just made detail work a bit harder. I painted them all in a common theme using Army Painter colors Oak Brown, Ultramarine Blue, Leather Brown, Light Grey, Gun Metal, Dragon Red, Matt White, Citadel Kislev Flesh, Nuln Oil, Seraphim Sepia, Biel-Tan Green, and Valejo Dark Grey and Black Grey.

I received my order of the Dropzone Commander starter box so I am excited to assemble and paint those models before going back to working on my Vampire Counts for Warhammer. As always, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!



Crypt Ghouls

Well, I took a bit of a break from miniature gaming. I played in a great tournament in late October and after that I was a little burned out on playing and painting so kept myself occupied with board games and computer games. I have been staring at this Warhammer Fantasy army for months now and finally felt motivated to get it painted.

If you’ve seen my earlier posts, you know that the army I have to paint for Warhammer Fantasy is Vampire Counts. ¬†I have a lot of core units from a few battalion boxes as well as some special and rare units. I want to get all my core units finished first so the first two units that I painted were blocks of 25 Crypt Ghouls. This is the first full army that I have pained for WHFB and I am trying to take some shortcuts due to the sheer number of models. I painted all 50 models up to a decent standard and then spent a bit more time on the front ranks. I’ve been using Warpaints from The Army Painter and the primary colors I used on this unit was Necrotic Flesh, Uniform Grey, Skeleton Bone and Oak Brown with some Gun Metal and Weapon Bronze for the metalics. I used their Strong Tone Quickshade for the wash.

The next two units I am going to work on are some 15 strong blocks of Dire Wolves. I ordered some Skeleton Bone primer so I will wait on that to arrive before tackling the skeletons.

During my downtime, I also purchased some Malifaux models of “The Guild” faction and I just recently ordered the Dropzone Commander starter box so I will be sprinkling in some of those models as well.