Slaanesh Terminator Sorcerer

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but it’s not because of a lack of progress. I am playing in a local tournament at the end of this month so I have been painting duplicates to what I’ve already posted about (Heldrake/Maulerfiend). I finally painted something new for my army and also tried out some object source lighting. ┬áTo those that aren’t familiar, it is a painting technique where you pick an object on the model that is emitting light and shade/color your model appropriately in reference to that light source. In my case, I picked what is probably the object a lot of people start with, a weapon. The sorcerer has a force sword so I wanted to make it really stand out and create an intense OSL effect. I painted up the model as I normally would and the very last thing I did was to add the lighting affect. I started with blue and worked my way up through a few shades, hitting all the surfaces that would physically “catch” the lighting. I am happy with the results, although I am sure I have a few things to learn.

For those interested in what I did to make this model, I started with the terminator lord/sorcerer model from GW. I cut the force axe off at the hand and added the sword from the Dark Vengeance chaos lord. I had to do some trimming to get it to look right, but I made quick work of it since it is plastic. I then used a head from the chaos spawn kit and cut two of the large tusks off. I drilled those large tusks out and added a few pipes to go along with the Slaanesh theme. Finally, I added a dirge caster as it’s banner pole. I thought it was a cool bit to use from a slaanesh sorcerer and, like a lot of chaos players, I have an abundance of those bits.

Let me know your thoughts and any pointers you may have to improve my OSL technique. Thanks!