Obviously, I haven’t posted in awhile. July was a very busy month and I was on vacation for 2 weeks of it. I did manage to finish assembling my Vampire Counts army and have just barely started painting it, but nothing to really show yet. A wrench has been thrown into my plans to get the vampire counts painted because I am going to be re-visiting my chaos marine army to make some changes for a local tournament I signed up for in October. I guess technically this is a wrench I threw but you get the point. I recently was looking back through old pictures of my Deathguard (nurgle) army and figured it’d be worth sharing. This was back when daemons and marines were part of the same army and daemons were summoned to the battlefield. I sold this army to a fella in Italy when I decided to take a break from the hobby. This army took my awhile to build because a lot of time went into modeling different changes to the models. The terminators were a particularly long project because of the extensive modelling using the old metal terminators, torsos and heads from vampire counts zombies, and then using modeling putty to finish them off. Looking back at these pictures, I would definitely change some of my painting techniques, but I am still pretty happy at how the army turned out. Hope you enjoy!




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