I love terminators. I don’t know if they are what other people use but I try to use a unit whenever possible. I like the idea of an implacable unit that slowly but surely moves across the battlefield, laying down tons of firing and then finishing off a unit by smashing them down with power weapons. For my terminators, I cut off the spikes on the trophy racks and instead added a single spike on the back of every terminator. I don’t like an overwhelming amount of spikes on my models and I try to denote champions with a single spike (see some of my other units). For the champion on this unit, I used a helmet-less head. I also modified two of the combi-bolters and made a few combi-plasma guns, which gave me two combi-plasma, one combi-melta, one combi-flamer, and one reaper autocannon. I also modeled two terminators with power fists, two with power mauls, and one with a chainfist. I am currently painting a Vampire Counts: Krell – Lord of Undeath for my new WFB army.



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