I was going back through my pictures and realized I had never made a post of my Warpsmith for my chaos space marine army. I think this is the last model I have to post about prior to  REALLY switch over to Vampire Counts. I promise.

For this model, I decided to make my own Warpsmith because I just don’t like the GW one that much. I started with a possessed model and cut the blades from it’s power pack. I snipped the tentacle from it’s head and added the correct hand weapons (power axe and bolt pistol). I then rolled out some green stuff and made some segmented tentacles and let them harden. After that i could attach the tentacles and started giving the model it’s weapons attached to the mechatendrils. I used a claw from a Necron tomb spider, a drill from an old Dark Eldar talos, and made the flamer and meltagun from guns that I had in my bit collections. Finally, I added some guitar string to simulate additional wires on the harness.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if there is anything you’d like more detail on regarding my projects.



Chaos Decimator

Well, my foray into my Vampire Counts didn’t last long… The Origins gaming convention was in town and Forge World was there, which obviously means I had to buy something. I bought the Chaos Decimator because I really like the looks of dreadnoughts, and this thing is a dreadnought on steroids. It stands about 2X as tall as my helbrutes and looks amazing. I bought one of each arm and magnetized them. I pinned the legs at the joints prior to assembly because this thing would have been very difficult to assemble if I hadn’t. It also adds some strength to the legs so that hopefully I wont have to do any repairs down the road. OK, NOW I can get started on my other army..



Krell – Lord of Undeath

This model marks the move from painting my Chaos Space Marines to working on my Vampire Counts army. This is the first completed model in the army and I started with this sculpt because it’s awesome. As with my chaos marine army, I chose vampire counts because I really like the range of models and I want to work on a very dark, earthy color scheme. I have a pile of un-assembled models, so I will have a lot of updates over the next few months as I work on this new army. What new projects are you working on?



I love terminators. I don’t know if they are what other people use but I try to use a unit whenever possible. I like the idea of an implacable unit that slowly but surely moves across the battlefield, laying down tons of firing and then finishing off a unit by smashing them down with power weapons. For my terminators, I cut off the spikes on the trophy racks and instead added a single spike on the back of every terminator. I don’t like an overwhelming amount of spikes on my models and I try to denote champions with a single spike (see some of my other units). For the champion on this unit, I used a helmet-less head. I also modified two of the combi-bolters and made a few combi-plasma guns, which gave me two combi-plasma, one combi-melta, one combi-flamer, and one reaper autocannon. I also modeled two terminators with power fists, two with power mauls, and one with a chainfist. I am currently painting a Vampire Counts: Krell – Lord of Undeath for my new WFB army.


Warp Talons

These are some of my favorite models for the new CSM units. I like that they match the Heldrake in regards to the boning all over their armor and wings. This did significantly increase their time to paint but I’m happy with the finished look. The only changes I made to these models was to add one of the heads from the possessed sprue to easily recognize who the champion is. I also had to replace one of the arms and used one from the possessed sprue as well. Can you tell which one it is? I am getting close to finishing the models for this army and then I am going to move on to a Warhammer: Vampire Counts army. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


Armies on Parade

I decided to make an “Armies on Display” board for the local GW store contest later this month. I have never made a display board so it was a fun break from painting models. I headed to Home Depot and bought a 2″ x 2″ piece of foam board, a bag of sand, several cans of black spray paint, and two pints of paint mixed up in Citadel colors. This was a nice, cheap option since they can scan any color you bring in and match it for $3 a pint. I had some leftover foam board and a piece of 2″ x 2″ Masonite. I used a hot wire cutter to make a few small hills and then glued it all together with liquid nails. I painted the board with one of the colors I had mixed so that when I sprayed it all black, the foam board wouldn’t melt. I then added sand and bits of cement block from GF9 along with a dozen or so skulls. Finally, I painted and flocked it as I would a base of one of army models. It’s nothing special but I think it should decent among the other boards. Anyone else entering Armies on Parade at their local store?