Chaos Lord and Biker Retinue

For the bikers, I modified two of the bikes to carry plasma guns. Instead of just leaving the opposite side bolter off the model (IE an empty gap), I shaved them down and added spiky bits. I gave the aspiring champion a trophy rack and power sword and used various bits/heads for the other models. For the Lord, I wanted him carrying the Burning Brand of Skalathrax. I used an old meltagun and attached part of a flamer to the front. I also added some plastic rod on the bottom of the gun to make it look complete. His head/chest/back are all from the possessed sprue.



2 thoughts on “Chaos Lord and Biker Retinue

  1. As always awesome work!!! Interesting burning brand job. I used a combi-flamer bit from a rhino, plus an odd or end. Your’s looks amazing. I love bikers in this edition.

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