Daemon Prince

For my Daemon Prince model, I wanted it to be holding a mace so that I could run it with a Black Mace if I had the points. The standard prince arms with power armor just has two hands with long, spindly fingers. I cut the right hand off and then modified one of the other arms in the kit that was holding a weapon. I then made a mace using a piece of aluminum rod and bits from the chaos vehicle sprue. I heated and bent the fingers on the left hand to make it look like the daemon is clenching it’s fist versus flipping the bird. I really like how this model turned out. I have only played with it a handful of times but it’s been a pretty bad failure on the table. Oh well, at least it looks pretty good! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave comments/questions/suggestions.



2 thoughts on “Daemon Prince

  1. I searched the net for the perfect color combination for my Chaos Marines army, and I have to say that you took first place. And the painting is awesome.

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