When I first saw a picture on this model, I knew I wanted to change it. I did not like the stock head or the look of the wings. The stock model looks as if the daemon is buffeting with it’s wings and coming in for a landing. I wanted it to resemble a beast soaring through the air. Since I had assembled the Forgefiend model prior to this, I had several bits that I wanted to use from it.

The first thing I did was I flipped the wings from the front to the back. This is a pretty easy change and I just had to do some minor fitting/bending to get it to look right. I then used bits from the Forgefiend kit to lengthen the front talons. I used the ectoplasma cannon head from the Forgefiend and shaved the baleflamer down to fit in it’s mouth  Finally, I used the lasher tendril bits and attached them to the exhaust ports of the Heldrake. I then spent hours upon hours painting this model. I am happy with the outcome but the filigree work became old about 75% of the way through.



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