Chaos Marines and Dark Apostles

It’s been awhile since I posted. I got sucked into Warhammer Fantasy Battles and assembled several thousand vampire counts models so that I could play a 500 point game… I also have started playing more board games with my wife and some other friends, so my painting has taken a hit. I jumped back in this past week because I really want to finish up this army before I start painting the vampire counts army.

Since I have so many cultists in this army, I have only bought a 10-man squad of Chaos Space Marines as an additional troop choice. I don’t really like a lot of horns and top knots on the standard heads that come in the kit, so I swapped a lot of them out for extra bits that I had. These were mainly heads from the Raptor kit, the chaos vehicle sprues, and the possessed marine kit. I also assembled a few Dark Apostles. One is an old metal Chaplain Cassius that I converted and the other is a lot of random bits I put together.




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