Chaos Lord and Biker Retinue

For the bikers, I modified two of the bikes to carry plasma guns. Instead of just leaving the opposite side bolter off the model (IE an empty gap), I shaved them down and added spiky bits. I gave the aspiring champion a trophy rack and power sword and used various bits/heads for the other models. For the Lord, I wanted him carrying the Burning Brand of Skalathrax. I used an old meltagun and attached part of a flamer to the front. I also added some plastic rod on the bottom of the gun to make it look complete. His head/chest/back are all from the possessed sprue.



Daemon Prince

For my Daemon Prince model, I wanted it to be holding a mace so that I could run it with a Black Mace if I had the points. The standard prince arms with power armor just has two hands with long, spindly fingers. I cut the right hand off and then modified one of the other arms in the kit that was holding a weapon. I then made a mace using a piece of aluminum rod and bits from the chaos vehicle sprue. I heated and bent the fingers on the left hand to make it look like the daemon is clenching it’s fist versus flipping the bird. I really like how this model turned out. I have only played with it a handful of times but it’s been a pretty bad failure on the table. Oh well, at least it looks pretty good! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave comments/questions/suggestions.



When I first saw a picture on this model, I knew I wanted to change it. I did not like the stock head or the look of the wings. The stock model looks as if the daemon is buffeting with it’s wings and coming in for a landing. I wanted it to resemble a beast soaring through the air. Since I had assembled the Forgefiend model prior to this, I had several bits that I wanted to use from it.

The first thing I did was I flipped the wings from the front to the back. This is a pretty easy change and I just had to do some minor fitting/bending to get it to look right. I then used bits from the Forgefiend kit to lengthen the front talons. I used the ectoplasma cannon head from the Forgefiend and shaved the baleflamer down to fit in it’s mouth  Finally, I used the lasher tendril bits and attached them to the exhaust ports of the Heldrake. I then spent hours upon hours painting this model. I am happy with the outcome but the filigree work became old about 75% of the way through.



For my Forgefiend, I had seen similar conversions where the guns did not take the place of the arms as the kit is intended. I like the idea of this beast steadily crawling over rubble and laying down a hail of fire as it advances. I used the plasma cutter pieces to mount the guns and did some shaving until they looked good and glued them directly to the back. I also cut it’s tongue off, just didn’t like it. Other than that, this model is made completely using the pieces supplied in the box. I really had fun painting this guy. The larger models are generally easier to paint, although they take a bit longer. Any questions/comments/criticism? Please let me know. Thanks!


Chaos Marines and Dark Apostles

It’s been awhile since I posted. I got sucked into Warhammer Fantasy Battles and assembled several thousand vampire counts models so that I could play a 500 point game… I also have started playing more board games with my wife and some other friends, so my painting has taken a hit. I jumped back in this past week because I really want to finish up this army before I start painting the vampire counts army.

Since I have so many cultists in this army, I have only bought a 10-man squad of Chaos Space Marines as an additional troop choice. I don’t really like a lot of horns and top knots on the standard heads that come in the kit, so I swapped a lot of them out for extra bits that I had. These were mainly heads from the Raptor kit, the chaos vehicle sprues, and the possessed marine kit. I also assembled a few Dark Apostles. One is an old metal Chaplain Cassius that I converted and the other is a lot of random bits I put together.