For the rhinos I am using in this army, I used only bits from the chaos vehicle sprue. I added a dirge caster to both of my rhinos because they are a great, cheap upgrade and I typically make my points back each game I play. In past armies, I have used the doors and front armor from Forge World which look awesome but are mostly army specific. Since I am going with an undivided army, I stuck with the stock look, albeit more chaos-y. As with most everything I paint, I worked on these for quite awhile and then decided I was done. I could spend hours more finding and fixing every mistake but I always find myself ready to move on at some point.


For my next post, I will show what I changes I made to the Dark Vengeance chosen models to get my 10 man squad and how they turned out painting-wise. Any questions/comments/advice? Please leave feedback and thanks for taking the time to look.


2 thoughts on “Rhinos

  1. I really like how you have the spikes actually coming out of the bottom Rhino. I find it interesting that your color scheme seems to echo back to the Imperial Fists. Any chance of you bringing in some of their iconography corrupted on your minis? I’m trying something similar with an old Assualt on Black Reach set. Corrupting ultramarines is a blast

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I doubt I do any corrupting at this point but I definitely thought about it. I think it’d be really cool to make a legion that has recently turned to chaos. The models would generally be space marine kits with minor modifications and a darker look.

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