The next model I painted for my new Chaos Space Marine army was one of the new Helbrutes from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. I’ve always loved the dreadnought models and their game history. This models looks really nice, although it is very limited in weapon choices I.E. there are none except the stock ones. I’ve acquired four of these models from trading so I kept the first one stock (multi-melta and powerfist).


I’ve also modified one to carry a twin-linked lascannon. I did a head swap from the Warhammer zombie models. I also had a metal twin-linked autocannon arm from the old chaos dreadnought that I chopped up and added some aluminum tubing to for the barrels. i added some spikes to the barrels and blended the barrels meeting the flesh with some green stuff.


On my next post, I will show you my vindicator model using a puppets of war big momma cannon. What is your favorite model in the Chaos Space Marine line?


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