Chaos Cultists

The first unit I assembled and painted for my new army was 20 Chaos Cultists. I really like flamers in the new addition of 40k, so I converted all of the heavy stubber models to flamers. I used the flamer bit from the chaos vehicle sprue that would normally be used as a combi-flamer model. I also modified the cultist champion using a shotgun to using an auto-pistol. I wanted to have the extra attack with him in assault and didn’t want to waste the points on the shotgun. The last modification I did was to create standards for the champions to hold. I ended up buying and trading to get 80 cultists total which resulted in several champion models when I really only wanted 4. I wanted to easily distinguish the champion from the other cultists. I removed a weapon from the champions hand and inserted a brass rod. I then glued various bits from the chaos vehicle sprue and warhammer fantasy zombie models to create the standard. Here is a picture of an example of three models showing the above changes. I apologize, I didn’t plan on writing this blog until a week ago so all of my models have been primed, but hopefully you can see enough.


I have painted to first 20 man squad of these models and below are some examples utilizing the color scheme I mentioned in an earlier post. One thing I did do with the cultists was to show more  brown areas of clothing, which is one of the colors I use when highlighting up to yellow, starting at a black undercoat.


My next blog post will feature Helbrutes. One completed and one in progress.


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