Getting Started

First off, I consider myself a casual player. I have played in a few tournaments and, while somewhat enjoyable, it’s not my cup of tea. Any time competition is involved, it has a chance to bring out the worst in people. I enjoy winning as much as the next person, but a close game, win or lose, is the most enjoyable to me. I am telling you this opinion to give you some insight into how and why I pick an army. Since I am not concerned with winning a competition, I pick armies based on looks and what I think will be enjoyable to paint. That’s not to say I don’t have some inkling of how I like to play the game and the theory crafting behind making a decent army list, but my main motivation is what models I like the aesthetics of. Given this reasoning, I chose to build a Chaos Space Marine army when I got back into the hobby. I really like the model selection and the overall look of the army.

Once I have decided on an army, the next thing I decide on is a color palette. I personally like to work with a very limited amount of colors when painting an entire army. I think it really ties the army together into a very cohesive look. That’s not to say I won’t spend more time on a centerpiece model and add brighter highlights/more detail/etc., but I don’t paint 3 colors on a standard trooper and 20 on my army leader. For my new Chaos Space Marines army, I wanted to come up with something that isn’t a typical color scheme found in the army codex. When I played years ago, I built and painted a Death Guard (Nurgle) army so I wanted to stick with a undivided army and come up with my own color scheme. After thinking about my new army for awhile, I landed on this color palette:

  m2280060a_99189950001_AverlandSunset_224x160  m2281161a_99189951058_PallidWychFlesh_224x160 m2280330a_99189950028_Leadbelcher_224x160

These are not the only colors that I use, but these are my core colors. I really like the look of a darker yellow for armor next to a pure metallic. I also wanted any exposed flesh on the models to be very pale as if it hasn’t seen the light of any sun in aeons. Here are a few examples of how this scheme has turned out as a primer to what will be shown in subsequent posts.

Chaos Space Marine Terminators

Chaos Terminators

Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend


Chaos Space Marine Obliterators



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