Hello and thanks for visiting! This is the first post to my blog dedicated to building and painting models used in miniature gaming. I recently got re-interested in the hobby after a 6 year break during which my wife and I had two great kids. Since we are now on somewhat of a predictable schedule, I decided to pick the hobby back up and I am starting from scratch. When I stopped 6 years ago, I sold all of my models and packed up some tools/paints/bits/etc. and put them in storage. Prior to my break, I had built and painted several armies over a 12 years span, mainly for Warhammer 40k, a far-future science fiction game created and produced by Games Workshop. I am currently building and painting a new army for Warhammer 40k, but my intention is to branch out into other systems and games over time. I enjoy playing the actual games that these models are used in, but I get more enjoyment and sense of accomplishment from building and painting the models to a high standard. My plan with this blog is to convey my thinking behind building a new army and what steps I go through during the entire process. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and maybe it will help some people out along the way.


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